let´s invent your dreams

Business solutions for prototypes

We will help to make your business inventions a reality so that you can test them and improve them before the production will begin.

We deliver high quality prototypes and small quantity production using modern materials. We cover all production and post production maintenance so that your product is ready to use.

To speed up your product development we offer professional 3d printers for rent with all maintenance included. You are able to try rapid prototyping in house to see if it is the best solution for your business.

3D model
3D print
Final treatments
Low quantity specialized production
Improved prototype


You can upload your 3D model here (coming soon).

Finishing surface treatment

Even high quality 3D print technology requires further manual post production touch ups to smooth the surface and flatten the printing contours. We offer all post production surface treatments.

Printing all sizes of models

We will adjust larger models so that it is possible to print them out in parts. The maximum measurements that we can do for one piece models is 90x60x90 cm.


Mould quality is essential for small batch cast production. Mould is made of several parts. This will allow easy cast separation as well as a UV radiance restistant varnish application inside the mould.

Durable product

Every single product is designed to fit its functional requirements. Fibres are layered to give the high pressure parts extra reinforcement. That way we can guarantee long lasting casts.

3D design on order

Do you have an idea but you are missing a 3D model? We will create a best-in-class 3D design, help you with your concept or create an interesting cover for your electronic device.